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National Capital Group (NCG) is a team of highly seasoned industry veterans with combined backgrounds in a wide range of Corporate Finance Services, Investment Banking, Investor Relations/Corporate Financial Communications, and Digital Media Marketing.

NCG comes with decades of expertise in providing the highest quality Corporate Financial Communications, Corporate Public Relations, Broker & Investor Awareness Campaigns, and Strategic Marketing Advisory services and Consulting to public companies, worldwide.

Maintain a loyal shareholder base
Enhance long-term shareholder value
Ensure receptive capital markets for future financing at favorable terms
Lower the cost of capital
Build long-term credibility with the investment community
Our mandate is to aid in your efforts to effectively market your company by:
Connecting Public Companies to industry professionals
Determining their interests
Organizing the venues and requirements for successful events
Following up with industry professionals after the events
Providing real time feedback to Company Management
To represent the company to investors and representing investors to the company
To provide financial information to investors (retail and institutional) in a timely and accurate way
To provide non-financial data to support company valuations
To observe the rules of securities commissions and stock exchanges
To implement non-aggressive sales promotion or “closing”
To present investor feedback to company management and the board
To build receptive capital markets for future financing at favorable terms
To enable the company to achieve the optimum share price that reflects the fundamental value of the company
Our management has decades of combined experience on Wall Street,
as well as in Corporate Communications and IR
Our bilingual team has provided investor relations services to more than 75 U.S.-listed companies
Our team has created significant shareholder value for numerous public companies
We experienced in providing capital markets advisory services and crisis communications
The head of the team has previously served as Head of Investor Relations
for two U.S.-listed Chinese companies


NCFM provides investment banking expertise for publicly traded companies. We specialize in structuring investment projects according to the demands of a corporation by combining global investment banking with Wall Street expertise and research without the high cost typically associated with these transactions.

Our close ties with the institutional financing community and our extensive knowledge and understanding of global investors enable us to be creative, flexible and innovative in achieving our corporate client's goals and objectives. Our strategy focuses on providing funding through financial institutions that include qualified institutional buyers, family funds, and high net worth investment managers.

NCFM has extensive expertise in structuring transactions that provide an exit strategy for domestic or foreign investors with short or long-term holding periods by facilitating the resale of securities with a solid and reliable rate of return to the investors.


NCFM is a resource for small to medium size businesses which are profitable, or are expected to be profitable in the near future, and which have the growth potential to become public companies through initial public offerings or reverse mergers.

We offer innovative approaches to solving corporate capital requirements and have the ability to provide service and support after the financing has been completed.

Our relationships with global banks and financial markets provide our clients, both public and private, with an array of financial packages to fund acquisitions, finance corporate expansions and undertake financial restructuring. We work closely with our clients to analyze and develop programs, which carefully balance cost, risk and terms. Our in-house finance group, staffed with outstanding experienced people with worldwide experience, provides us with the edge over our competitors.


The highest returns are always achieved by recognizing cutting edge opportunities and utilizing our expertise in efficiently evaluating these opportunities and positioning us for direct equity investments.

NCFM identifies opportunities and develops plans to maximize them, as well as assisting clients in understanding changing market dynamics. The rapid expansion of financial instruments and shifts in the availability of capital, the variety of political climates and regulatory concerns, and the unpredictability of national and international financial markets all point to the need for expert assistance which NCFM can provide to assist clients in reaching their financial goals.

Through our merchant banking capabilities, we become a strategic partner, involved in the development and growth of a business through more than merely an infusion of capital


NCFM provides a cost-effective investor relations service for public companies. We understand the value of the shareholder contact and communication andensure that our clients' information is complete, convincing, and disseminated in a timely manner. We maintain an experienced network of Market Makers, Brokers, Investors and Institutional Buyers that promote share price support. In addition, we take advantage of the continuously changing technology to create new, viable marketing concepts. Our exposure to, and research of, world markets gives us the ability to assist companies with strategic planning, development and consulting. Our insight and analysis of contracts, management and new ventures can often make the difference between success and failure. Our knowledge of industries and the markets we serve, combined with thorough analysis and comprehensive documentation, provides clients with the best available information on which to base decisions. NCFM has built an extensive global client base by providing a high level of professional expertise and integrity in our client relationships.

We provide Awareness Campaign Strategies for a Public Company’s Investor Communications Department with a full suite of effective & powerful Marketing tools to increase their media presence, market awareness, investor awareness, and to create intriguing visibility to high net worth investors, institutional investors, retail brokers, analysts, and investment banks.

Introductions to institutional investors, retail brokers and
investors, analysts and investment banks
Secure invitations to investor conferences
Respond to investor inquiries by phone and email
Scheduling of non-deal roadshows to meet investors in various cities
Outreach to investors after major corporate news announcements
Conduct ‘Perception Studies’ to gather investor feedback and critiques
Schedule ‘Virtual Road Shows’- live investor presentations webcasted from management's locale
Competitor news monitoring and intelligence


Financial Communications departments’ role is to be on the phone. Our IR professionals spend the vast majority of their day:

Contacting financial advisors to introduce your company
Raising visibility & drawing attention to press releases
Following up with brokers’ interests
Inviting qualified industry professionals to attend corporate presentations
Updating financial professionals on corporate milestones

Our Feedback is specially tailored to help senior management gauge the views of existing and potential investors and financial advisors. It is in this way that our professionals will verbally brief your company with important feedback received from the financial community.


Our professionals help by accepting all incoming calls or information requests from the markets. It is imperative that no questions remain unanswered and for that reason, we respond in a timely, efficient manner. We will help you to focus on achieving corporate milestones and concentrate on daily operations by handling:

General inquiries regarding your company or press releases
Update requests from existing shareholders/financial advisors
nformation requests from potential investors

Our Feedback is to help senior management and IR professionals gauge the views of existing and potential investors and financial advisors, our professionals will verbally brief your company with important feedback received from the financial community.


A fundamental aspect of our IR services is ensuring the timely disclosure of company information to existing as well as, potential shareholders. Those who express interest will receive:

Corporate packages
Press releases
Financial statements
Company conference call schedules
Corporate presentations
Initiate follow-up calls
Social Media Management (Facebook, etc.)
Ensure and verify that all requested information has been received
Schedule investor meetings with Senior Management when appropriate


A roadshow presentation takes place over a series of in-person meetings held between the management team of a corporation seeking to raise money and the institutional investors considering the investment opportunity.

After the corporate issuer files a preliminary prospectus, underwriters often arrange one or more meetings between the issuer’s senior management and institutional investors and brokers to discuss the offering. These meetings are called a roadshow.

Roadshows are a valuable tool for building the order book and assisting underwriters in appropriately pricing a marketed offering. They allow for the management of the corporation to meet many of their largest potential investors in a short amount of time and give them a compelling presentation on why they should invest.

Management team should have primary responsibility for preparing any written roadshow materials for delivering the roadshow presentation and for answering any questions from institutional investors and brokers. It may be prudent to engage assistance from a professional roadshow consultant and legal counsel in preparing roadshow materials.


Media Relations that put you in front of the line. Our strong relationships with local, national, and international journalists and news organizations enable us to put your news in front of those who create it. Our professionals will help you:

Obtain media coverage
Distribute press releases
Organize webcasts and conference calls
Monitor what is being said about your company


With breaking news, responsiveness is critical. As a liaison between your company and the financial media, our team operates swiftly when your press release goes live to maximize coverage potential. Our professionals will take care of:

Arranging CEO or CFO interviews on radio, print, and web media
Facilitating a market-moving news piece to the audience
Fulfilling journalists’ requests for professional expertise


Public disclosure of information is a requirement for publicly-traded companies. NATIONAL CAPITAL's partnership with many press and news release services such as NASDAQ GlobeNewswire — the nation's number one resource for time-critical news and information, lets you get your news to the right audience, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We will help with:

Sedar/Edgar filing
Posting news on financial industry websites
Disseminating press releases to financial participants and media contacts in our database
Updating our clients’ news sections and website

NC works with the exclusive distribution of The OTC Network, the fastest growing financial media website, with more than 9,000 financial companies representing 400,000 verified investment professionals. Our professionals monitor what is being said about your company on television, radio, print, and web-based media using comprehensive monitoring tools, which enables you to you to react quickly and accordingly.

In addition, we also keep you updated on regular web-based news flow pertaining to your industry and sector — often before it arrives in hard copy!

Access to over 60 cities throughout North America
Tell your company’s story to existing and potential investors
Show to existing and potential investors and financial advisors
that your company is credible and transparent
Help potential investors get the information to make informed decisions


The communication landscape evolves quickly. New technologies have yielded an unprecedented number of channels to reach an investor audience and bring your company closer to your shareholders. Two of the most powerful ways to connect with your investors and the media are through webcasts and conference calls.

Let NATIONAL CAPITAL help you take advantage of the most user-friendly, professional, modern, convenient, and personal techniques available to quickly and efficiently transmit your corporate message to the street.


We can provide the link between internet technology, contemporary web style, and financial expertise. Through seamless integration of these attributes, our products stand out from the competition, both technically and visually. We pride ourselves on using the latest in artistic design and digital resources to create websites that blend aesthetics and practicality.

In addition, we have a variety of related services such as technical support, web maintenance, hosting, and development, which allow us to provide the latest in content management solutions:

Experienced and technically savvy
An exceptional team of expert web designers and programmers
Excellent customer service
Complete turnkey web design solutions
State-of-the art web hosting facilities
Peace of mind that your web content is secure

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